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Millions of Birr raised for Oromos disenfranchised by TPLF

(C) GoFundMe

OROMOVILLE.COM. Sept 16, 2017

Oromos and friends of Oromo people both in Ethiopia the diaspora have raised millions of Ethiopian Birr within a few hours in solidarity to Oromos disenfranchised from Somali Regional State.

Just one GoFundMe account set-up by Diaspora Oromos in the Unites States has already booked close to $85,000 within a few hours beating the initial fundraising goal of $50,000. Oromos in Ethiopia have also donated millions of Birr in support of their fellow citizens. According to the organizers of the campaign, the funds will be used to resettle and provide basic needs for Oromos evicted by Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) agents in Somali Regional State.

The Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) is a political party in Tigray, Ethiopia. The party was the main part of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), that claimed 499 out of 547 seats. (Wikipedia)

According to local news sources, thousands of Oromos were forced out of neighboring Somali Regional State by Somali State Liyu Police force backed by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) mercenaries. This ethnic cleansing of Oromos has believed to have furthered the unity of Oromos both inside and outside the country, as high ranking EPRDF officials in Oromia have began to openly express their frustration against the minority Tigre dominated government.

The Syrian Alawite-type minority regime in Ethiopia who previously failed at inciting religious and ethnic clashes is now using the Somali Regional Army to invade Oromia towns and villages prompting clashes between centuries long neighbors_ the Oromo and Somali people. The TPLF regime which capitalizes on division and orchestrating ethnic clashes is believed to have lost the loyalty of Oromo government officials which angered pro-TPLF groups.

(C) Oromoville

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